Mental health disorders are the leading health issue for children and youth, yet have the least treatment services available compared to other health challenges like cancer or diabetes.


WHO WE ARE Supporting

The Youth Wellness Centre helps children, youth, and young adults ages 8-24 and their supporting families when concerns arise around addictions and mental health.

By the Community- For the Community

Physicians, Specialists, Youth, Parents, Non-Profits, RCMP, the School District, and the City of Maple Ridge all identified a great need. They knew our community needed to find a way to help children, youth, and young adults experiencing mild to moderate mental health and substance use challenges connect with services. They were also aware that we needed to create, or recruit services that were missing in our community.

Youth and young adults didn’t know where to go, or even who to talk to about their challenges. Families, guardians, and caring friends had no idea where to start finding help for the young people they cared about. Professionals were at a loss as to where to direct their patients without experiencing long wait lists, or leaving the community.

Through the passion and determination of the community, the Youth Wellness Centre vision came alive as a “one stop shop” for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows youth, parents, supporting families and professionals.

The Centre is the “go to” for services helping and preventing mental health and substance use. It encourages health and wellness in many ways from education, group therapy, peer to peer support, child and youth psychiatry, clinical counseling including anxiety or addiction specialties, sexual health, and a medical clinic. It also provides resources for other youth services such as employment, recreation, housing, and more.

The Centre’s vision is to be the matriarch to break down the stigma of mental health and substance use— creating service and support awareness and reaching out to our community who may be embarrassed, overwhelmed, or ashamed to receive help before it is too late.


• Demonstrated high efficiency due to streamlined and productive service. We are supporting 40-60 youth and youth people a month being open 3 days a week. This service is possible due to the amazing team we have offering this integrated model of wrap-around care. 

• All youth are then connected to local or internal resources to continue the wrap-around care.

  • Only 1 in 4 patients (25%) are being recommended medication versus 75% who reach hospital or facility care.

  • Average wait time for child and youth psychiatric assessment is 3 months versus 6-12 months in more traditional settings.

  • Less than 5% of the youth who have visited the Centre have needed to be referred to the hospital.